Friday, November 16, 2012

It's November now... Wooowww....

How long has it been?? Gosh!! New job, new life, no time!!! How's everyone lately?? Been working really hard and I really love my job. For once after three years, I get to have holidays, making my own lunch and the job that I really love!! Yaayyyy!! Life is good, how is yours?

It's been... Three months since I posted my last post. *Bricks self!* Gotten a new job as a graphic designer (Yaaaaayyyy!!!) and got to do some stuff I have always been wanting to do; making bento for work. (packed lunch!) Yea, you get to go out to eat what you want, treat yourself to lovely lunches... But I love making lunches for people and definitely for myself to enjoy :3 So, what do you like to eat for lunch?

Kiddie... art... Yeeap.

Presenting... My first few bentos. I made two types where they have the almost same kind of dishes in it. Fresh squid marinated with wasabi, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt, fried prawns (Yum!), grilled bacons, hard boiled eggs, century eggs and fresh tomatoes! I packed rice differently so I don't feel bored and depending on how I eat while I work. (I eat while I work... Do not follow if you want to save your keyboard)
Eventually, due to love for Japanese art, and anything authentically Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese, even the food becomes a form of art to me and I try to study what I can mix and match. Eventually, my bento box becomes much more colourful than before. Tadaa!

Recipe :)

  1. What's best, my favourite food like Aglio-olio; pasta with grilled garlic in olive oil, tossed with spicy chilly flakes and some choice of veggies, add in with spinach.
  2. If you choose rice, cooked Japanese rice with salted duck yolk as a filling. Add in slices of boiled prawns for extra flavour/meat. Onigiri! A nice way to have a simple yet enjoyable lunch, ne? If you have rice, normal rice from dinner, steam it up till it is soft and fluffy. Do the rice steaming first, and then the dishes to give time to the rice.
  3. Side dish, medium rare lamb steak. Marinate the lamb with salt and pepper, toss into pan with olive oil. If you have herbs olive oil for meat, all the better. Fry 3 mins on each side, melt in butter and drizzle over sizzling meat in the pan.
  4. Eggs, a lovely simple form of protein. Soft boiled eggs, runny in the middle. Boil for 4-5 minutes, take out and put into ice cold water to stop the cooking. After peeling the shell off carefully, cut into half and you will get what you want ^ ^ Got this idea from Runnyrunny999. Fun Japanese guy cooking. Check him out ^ ^ 

  5. Loads of  salad is nice :3 Cherry tomatoes are really good in the bento. Makes it more colourful. I love mushrooms too :3 Boiled or salt-butter grilled veggies really makes the dish tasty. You can try making tempura too. My tasty batter for tempura, two tablespoon of floor + egg + a pinch of salt. Your tempura will be lovely!
  6. Sausages are lovely too. Instead of eating the supermarket sausages, you can try making your own :3 Minced meat + and egg yolk + chopped onions + a tea spoon of starch + rolled into cabbage leaves minus the spine. Boiled in salted meat stock. Cabbage rolls :3

  7. If you don't like rice, have potatoes :3 Boil potatoes (Skinned + diced) till cooked. Add in your salad leafs, shredded chicken, a tablespoon of oil + chilly flakes for a little kick of flavour.
    Much-much later... I tried making soft boiled eggs. Yesh! It was a challenge because you need to watch out for cooking time and method. A few times I failed and doing so and I ended up with over cooked eggs...
    And then, my sis got me some dried seasoned wakame. So, to its instruction, I soaked a small hand full of wakame in water. Like salad I seasoned it with soy sauce, some finely chopped pickled chillies, some roasted sesame seeds and toss! Love it!
    Love the water crest shoots because they are so sweet!! Great for soups too and because I got a lovely flask as a present (Thank you, darling!!!) After boiling your veggies, don't throw away the water because that is your stock. If you grill meat in a pan, add the stock and bring to boil. Add a pinch of salt and give a taste. You will find your soup tasty! You can add in your veggies, tofu or fish balls to make the soup less empty. What do you think?
    There was another challenge, making rolled eggs or tamago with fillings in them. They end up all broken and ugly... Uurgh!! I must learn from the Japanese woman whom I befriended and giving me much compliments whenever I post up my artwork (bento!) on their page on FB called Oh! Bento Labo! Check it out!! Really loads great, beautifully decorated bentos and they are so lovely and friendly too...
    The best I have made and enjoyed:
    • Water crest shoots
    • Octopus sausages
    • Onigiri with salted yolk/prawns fillings
    • Soft boiled runny yolk eggs
    • Peppered lamb steak
    •  Butter grilled sweet corn
    • Grilled mushrooms
    • Seasoned seaweed

    And there comes to my funny besties
    There's Quistis (Venus LSH), Joseph Low (we love him too much XD) and me!!

    Presents from the people who really really wanted my birthday to be something memorable!!
    ^ ^ Awww~

     Tee hee... Holloween and... No one knew I was a vampire XD I suck!!

    Hehehe... A plan to work on... I really like the Ada Wong they made. So look a like!! Inspired, and this is my next cosplay plan. I know, should have kept my mouth shut but... Wish me luck in this! Horrr!!!

    Awww!! My bestie Cappy who made me really really happy being my partner- Well... She invited me in and she knew I'd love to be her Ranka. Thank you Cappy!! 

    This is actually a friend's video project, and since we're the divas... Ufufufufuuu... (silent evil laughter) I was literally enjoying myself as we both took some shots and the video :3 I look like I'm enjoying myself now, am I not? And of course doing this with people you love the most makes it more memorable~ Aye?

    Too much Pirates of the Caribbean can really spoil you, especially when it comes to Jack Sparrow. Pirate languages can really alter the way you talk and it's funny! Tee hee!!

    A few songs I will recommend listening to, because they are really really nice to listen when you are doing some work. I hope you  guys will enjoy all of them!!

    For me, this is a diary of what I really love to do, and I hope you guys can see what I really love to do, be it an inspiration for you guys to enjoy life to the fullest in a different way. I hope this helps you guys!! So do make sure you guys don't just give up on life. Try something new, who knows what you guys may find along the way? Happy blogging!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

OMG.... Why haven't I been on at all??

It's almost close to a year now. Loads of changes, I am growing older.. Urgh!! Why oh why...

However, same old same old. I have been wanting to do comics and stuff for a very very long time. But due to my actual work to fall back on and loads of stuff to pick up in my new job I haven't been able to do stuff that I want to do for a long time now.

Cosplay has always been up and going on. YES!! I am still doing what I really love to do. Although updates has been slow, I really must try to get more stuff to update, yes? Yes? Yes?

So what have I been doing for the past.. urgh! 7 months when I have been away? Phew! Here goes...

Latest photoshoot that I have gone too, and oh!! I love this moment~
Can guess which is me?

My partner in crime~ Mufufufu~








While having fun with loads of cosplay shoots and event all year around, there are also times I would enjoy a normal life like movies and stuff. Too bad no proper camera or else I would update more on that too. Movies!! I watched so far and huurrr... I am so glad to have my bestie to bring me for movies. It's been like ages since I watched movies :) My favourite... BATMAN!!!

It's not rotten because it is black, but it is so gooooood with porridge~

Wonder if I should make my coscard this way.. HUrmm...

Just for fun~

However, as time really flies, throughout my 26 years of my life, I am soooo full of life, if you don't have any ups and downs, what would life be without them?